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Our Siberian cats have personality plus. They are wonderfully affectionate and not at all shy. In fact, they will greet your visitors at the door and expect to be acknowledged and petted just like a dog. They have a triple purr, and unlike other breeds, they speak with a chirping sound. They love children, playing, warm laps and endless amounts of cuddling.

Siberian Cat


Contrary to popular belief, allergic reactions from cats are not the result of hair length. The problem, in fact, is caused by a protein known as FEL D-1 that is produced in the sebaceous glands of the cat's saliva. Cats are notorious groomers. After a grooming session, the saliva dries on the cat's fur. The tiny particles become airborne, landing on carpeting, furniture, drapes, etc. Once they come in contact with a human, either on the skin or by inhalation, an allergic reaction can be triggered if that person has a sensitivity to the protein. Symptoms come in many forms. Some people develop a red, itchy rash on their skin. Others have difficulty breathing. However, the more common reactions include sneezing, watery bloodshot eyes, a scratchy throat, and/or an itchy runny nose.

The Siberian cat produces lower levels of FEL D-1 and, therefore, provokes less allergic reactions than do most other cats and can be said to have hypo-allergenic qualities (having a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction). However, the only definitive testing, knowing if your allergies will tolerate this wonderful breed, is exposure to the fur of an adult Siberian cat. We strongly advise that, for those people with cat allergies and/or asthma, especially those purchasing from long distances away, to avail themselves of our fur sampling service. For a minimal fee of $25.00, we will send out fur from four adult Siberians along with several pages of instructions / suggestions on how best to test for an allergic reaction.

Our goal is to produce kittens with the lowest possible FEL D-1 levels. Samples of saliva are collected from our adult Siberians and forwarded to an international biotechnology laboratory which specializes in measuring levels of FEL D-1 allergens. The results of this testing is reviewed at our cattery and our breeding program is then modified so that only cats with the lowest FEL D-1 will be bred.

We want you to be happy with your purchase of one of our Siberian kittens and feel that the extra trouble and expense to test allergen levels is necessary if we are going to produce the best quality Siberians kittens with the highest possible hypoallergenic qualities.


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