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We love animals and are committed to ensuring that the Siberian kittens we bring into the world are placed in loving homes. Our kittens leave for their forever homes at eleven weeks of age. At that time, they will be litter trained, age-appropriately vaccinated, sterilized, microchipped and, of course, are registerable as purebred cats. We supply a kitten starter package containing favorite toys and food, a detailed sales contract, a comprehensive health guarantee and instructions on kitten care.

Siberian Cats

Although we take many steps to ensure the health and well being of our kittens, we know that in rare instances things can go wrong. Whether it be behavioral or physical, we are always open and honest with anyone making an enquiry. If the issue is minor, we will ensure that the kitten receives proper medical care and that any perspective buyer is made aware that a procedure has been carried out. In every case, we do our very best to resolve any issue to the buyer's satisfaction.

We offer a very generous contract with a two year genetic guarantee and a commitment to reimburse the total cost of the kitten in the event that it becomes ill with Feline Infectious Peritonitis. We will be happy to provide, upon request, a copy of our contract to a potential buyer so that the terms of the agreement can be reviewed prior to purchase.


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