Sibrian Cats & Kittens with hypoallergenic fur for sale.

Siberian Cats & Kittens with hypoallergenic fur for sale.

We are a small home-based cattery located in the Oshawa, Ontario area (just outside of Toronto). We are one of the oldest catteries in Canada and certainly the longest running one in Ontario. We specialize in producing silver Siberians, both mackerel and classic. Occasionally, we will get the most adorable brown, red or blue tabbies, and sometimes even a tortie or two. Since many of our Siberian kittens are homed in British Columbia, we decided to devote a website for the people in this area who are interested in owning one of these magnificant creatures.

Siberians are smart, sweet, loving and make terrific family pets. They have a very special love for children. Almost always a Siberian will bond with the "little people" of the family because this is where the action is. As long as a child has been taught to be kind and gentle, a Siberian will become his very best friend.

Siberians love human contact. They adore affection and are often underfoot, waiting to have their ears scratched or their bellies rubbed. They consider themselves to be lap cats, and are happiest curled up on their owner's lap having their chin's scratched. Their long low purr is an indication of just how content they are.

Siberian cats are highly intelligent and love to play. Born hunters, they are resourceful when searching out prey, whether it is a balled-up sock, a tuft of their own fur or a small ball. They like to pounce, roll around on their backs and play "cat hockey" with any small object they find on the floor.

Our Siberian cats love toys like the cat dancer which minics the flight of a fluttering butterfly. The cat dancer is a hand held toy that allows for quality bonding time with your cat. Alternatively, you may attach the toy to the top of a scratching post for hours of play time.

We are proud of the kittens that we breed. It warms our hearts to hear from a client that their recently purchased Siberian kitten is "awesome" or "the best" or "this kitten makes me so happy." If you would like to experience the "awesomeness" of owning such a wonderful little creature, or if you have any questions, please use our enquiry information and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.


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